英 [belt]     美 [belt]    
n. 腰带;带状物;地带;皮带
vt. 用皮带抽打;用带系上;用带标示
vi. 疾驰;大声歌唱

belt (n.) O.E. belt, from P.Gmc. *baltjaz (cf. O.H.G. balz, O.N. balti, Swed. bälte), an early borrowing from L. balteus “girdle, sword belt,” said by Varro to be an Etruscan word. As a mark of rank or distinction, mid-14c.; references to boxing championship belts date from 1812. Transferred sense of “broad stripe encircling something” is from 1660s. Below the belt “unfair” (1889) is from pugilism. To get something under (one’s) belt is to get it into one’s stomach.
belt (v.) “to thrash as with a belt,” 1640s, from belt (n.); general sense of “to hit, thrash” is attested from 1838.

The cell seller seldom sees the bell belt melt.

ball-,bol- = ball 球,球形


1. adj. 佩礼带的;束带的;装甲的 2. v. 系上腰带;用带系上(belt的过去分词)

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He belted on his sword.



n. 解下…的带子

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n. 带类;制带的材料;[机械]调带装置

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n. 座位安全带

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n. 斜挂在肩上的皮带,两条交叉的皮带

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1. n. 足球,橄榄球 2. vi. 踢足球;打橄榄球

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He is a football coach.



1. vi. 激增;膨胀如气球 2. n. 气球

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n. 芭蕾舞剧;芭蕾舞乐曲

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n. 棒球运动;棒球

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region, area, belt, district, zone
region: 地区,指较大范围内的区域,一般按自然条件和自身特点划分。如:an autonomous  region(自治区)
area: 面积,范围,一般用语,没有明确的外围界限,也可指占地面积。如:The factory covers an area of 500 mu.(这工厂占地50亩。)
belt: 地带,通常指狭长的地带。如:The northern part of the country is usually regarded as the wheat belt.(这国家的北部通常被看作小麦种植地带。)
district: 区,行政区,指一国家或城市按行政区的划分。如:the economic development district(经济开放区)
zone: 地带,地区,区域,指某一特定的地方或区域。如:Most of China is in the temperate zone.(中国的大部分地区在温带。)

region, area, districk, belt, neighbourhood, zone, section, quarter
region: 普通用词,常指地球上、大气中具有自然分界线的区域,特指按照气候、人体或其他特征鲜明、自成一体的地区。
area: 普通用词,指整体中较大的,界线不分明的一部分。
districk: 多指由政府等机构出于行政管理等目的而明确划分的地区。
belt: 从本义“带,带状物”引申而指任何广阔的长条地带,也可指种植某种作物的地区。
neighbourhood: 指比section的划定更清楚,范围更小。具体指城市中的住宅区,也可指附近一带。
zone: 科技用词,指圆形或弧形地带,尤指地图上按温度划分的五个地带。用作一般意义时,也可指具有某种特征的其它地区。
section: 普通用词,指城市、国家或天然界线形成的地区。
quarter: 指城市里具有相同性质或独特风味的地区,比section范围小,但划分更精确。

1 belt /ˈbɛlt/ noun
plural belts [count] 1
: a band of material (such as leather) that is worn around a person’s waist腰带;裤带;皮带
I fastened/unfastened the buckle on my belt. = I buckled/unbuckled my belt.
I tied the belt of my robe.
— see color picture on this page; see also black belt, garter belt, safety belt, seat belt
: a band that runs around wheels or other parts in a machine and that is used for moving or carrying something传动带;输送带 — see also fan belt
: a region that has a lot of a particular thing(呈某种特征的)地带,地区
a belt of hilly land [=an area with many hills] 多山地区
a storm belt
the farm/farming belt
the corn/cotton belt [=a region with many farms growing corn/cotton] 玉米/棉花种植区
an asteroid belt
(chiefly US) cities in the Rust Belt [=an area formerly known for industry and manufacturing] 铁锈地带的城市(指衰落的工业区)
— see also bible belt, sunbelt
below the belt informal
: too harsh and unfair严厉的;不公正的
That remark was below the belt. = That remark really hit (him) below the belt.
◊ The phrase below the belt comes from the sport of boxing, where it is against the rules to hit your opponent anywhere below the belt.短语below the belt源自拳击运动,指攻击对手腰带以下部位的犯规行为。
tighten your belt
: to begin to spend less money : to make changes in order to save money节俭;勒紧裤带;省吃俭用
Many companies are tightening their belts during the recession.
— see also belt-tightening
under your belt
: as an achievement or as part of your experience作为成就;作为经验
She has a best-selling book under her belt. [=she has written a best-selling book] 她已出版了一部畅销书。
an actor who has several films under his belt [=who has appeared in several films] 已出演过多部影片的演员
He finally has a full year of experience under his belt.
— compare 3belt
— belted /ˈbɛltəd/ adjective
a belted coat/jacket/robe
2 belt /ˈbɛlt/ verb
belts; belted; belting
[+ object] : to fasten (something) with a belt用腰带系
His bathrobe was loosely belted.
[+ object] informal : to hit (someone or something) hard重击;狠揍
He belted the ball down the fairway.
belt a home run
Some drunk got mad and threatened to belt me.
[+ object] informal : to sing (a song) in a loud and forceful way放声歌唱;劲头十足地唱— usually + out
a singer belting out tunes at the top of her lungs
always followed by an adverb, [+ object] US, informal : to drink (something) quickly快速喝下
He belted down a shot of whiskey.
belting back a drink
always followed by an adverb or preposition, [no object] chiefly British, informal : to move or go at a high speed高速行进;飞驰
The car was belting down/along the highway.
belt up [phrasal verb] British
: to fasten a seat belt in a car or other vehicle系安全带
When you’re riding in a car, you should always belt up [=(US) buckle up] for safety.
informal : to stop talking闭嘴;住口
Will you just belt up [=shut up] for once?
3 belt /ˈbɛlt/ noun
plural belts [count] informal
: a hard hit重击;猛击
Some drunk got mad and threatened to give me a belt. [=punch] 几个醉汉耍起了酒疯,威胁要狠揍我一顿。
US, informal : a drink of alcohol一口酒;一杯酒
He had a few belts (of whiskey) before dinner.
— compare 1belt

belt noun

a long narrow piece of leather, cloth, etc. that you wear around the middle part of your body腰带;皮带
to do up/fasten/tighten a belt系上/扎牢/扎紧腰带
a belt buckle腰带扣
a studded leather belt饰钉装饰的皮带
Around his waist he wore a belt.他在腰间系上皮带。
see also black belt, lifebelt, seat belt, suspender belt
Topics Clothes and FashionA2
Oxford Collocations Dictionary
a continuous band of material that moves round and is used to carry things along or to drive a machine 传送带;传动带
see also conveyor belt, fan belt
Topics EngineeringC1
Oxford Collocations Dictionary
a narrow area or an area around the edge of something that has particular characteristics地带;地区
the country’s corn/industrial belt这个国家的产粮区/工业区
We live in the commuter belt.我们住在通勤者居住带。
a narrow belt of trees狭长的林带
a belt of rain moving across the country横穿这个国家的降雨带
Towns in the country’s industrial belt were particularly affected by the recession.位于该国工业区的城镇受到经济萧条的影响尤其大。
see also green belt, radiation belt, rust belt
Topics GeographyC2
Oxford Collocations Dictionary
(informal) an act of hitting something/somebody hard狠打;猛击
She gave the ball a terrific belt.她猛击了一下球。
Word Origin
below the belt
(of a remark说话) unfair or cruel不公正的;伤人的
That was distinctly below the belt!那显然是不公正的!
belt and braces
(informal) taking more actions than are really necessary to make sure that something succeeds or works as it should双管齐下;多重保障
a belt-and-braces policy稳妥可靠的政策
Topics SuccessC2
More Like This Alliteration in idioms
have something under your belt
(informal) to have already achieved or obtained something已经获得某物
She already has a couple of good wins under her belt.她已大胜两场。
Topics SuccessC2
tighten your belt
to spend less money because there is less available勒紧腰带(省吃俭用)
With price increases on most goods, everyone is having to tighten their belt.随着大多数商品的价格上涨,每个人都不得不勒紧腰带。
There is a need for further belt-tightening.需要进一步的束紧。
belt verb
Verb Forms
Phrasal Verbs
belt somebody/something (informal) to hit somebody/something hard猛击;狠打
He belted the ball right out of the park.他用力一击,球径直飞出了球场外。
I’ll belt you if you do that again.你要是再这样,我就揍你。
[intransitive] + adv./prep. (informal, British English) to move very fast飞奔;飞驰
synonym tear1
A truck came belting up behind us.一辆货车从我们后方飞驰而来。
[transitive] belt something to fasten a belt around something用带子系住
The dress was belted at the waist.那件连衣裙的裙腰束着条带子。
She belted the coat tightly round her.她把外套紧紧地系好。
Her jacket was belted loosely at the waist.她的夹克在腰部宽松地系好腰带。
Word Origin
Phrasal Verbs
belt out
belt up

belt1 /belt/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable] 1

a band of leather, cloth etc that you wear around your waist to hold up your clothes or for decoration腰带,皮带:
He unbuckled his leather belt.他解开皮带。
2a large area of land that has particular features or where particular people live〔具有某种特色或某类人居住的〕地区﹐地带:
America’s farming belt美国农业区
the green (=countryside) belt British English
→ green belt
3a circular band of something such as rubber that connects or moves parts of a machine传动带﹔输送带 → conveyor belt, fan belt
4below the belt informal unfair or cruel不公道的﹔刻薄伤人的:
That was a bit below the belt, Paul.保罗﹐那样做有点儿不公平。
The comments hit below the belt (=they were unfair or cruel).这些话是恶意中伤。
5have something under your belt to have achieved something useful or important获得某物:
a secretary with several years’ experience under her belt一位拥有数年工作经验的秘书
6belt and braces British English informal a belt and braces way of doing something is one in which you do more than necessary in order to make sure that it succeeds〔指做事方法〕双重保险的
→ black belt, garter belt, safety belt, seat belt, suspender belt, → tighten your belt at tighten(6)
a wide belt
· Along the coast is a wide belt of sand dunes.
a narrow belt
· The tree grows in a narrow belt around the western Mediterranean.
the green belt British English (=land around a city where building is not allowed)
· the government’s commitment to protecting the green belt
a mountain belt (=a long and wide area of mountains)
· mountain belts such as the Himalayas
a coastal belt (=land along the coast)
· The wide coastal belt is a flat plain, partially wooded.
an industrial belt (=where there are a lot of factories etc)
· the northern industrial belt of the United States
the corn/cotton/wheat belt (=where corn/cotton etc is grown)
· Western Australia’s wheat belt
the commuter belt British English (=an area around a large city from where people travel to work in the city every day)
· House prices are high in the London commuter belt.
the stockbroker belt British English (=an area around a city where rich people who work in the city live)
· wealthy families living in the stockbroker belt
noun | verb
belt2 verb
1HIT击打 [transitive] informal to hit someone or something hard痛打﹔猛击:
Dan belted the ball towards the goal.丹把球大力踢向球门。
2GO QUICKLY快速走 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] British English spoken to go somewhere very fast快速行进 SYN charge
belt down/along etc
We were belting down the motorway at 95 miles per hour.我们以每小时95英里的速度在高速公路上疾驶。
3FASTEN系 [transitive] to fasten something with a belt〔用皮带〕系﹐束:
Maria belted her raincoat firmly.玛丽亚把雨衣系紧。
a dress belted loosely at the waist裙腰处松松地系着带子的连衣裙
belt something ↔ out phrasal verb
to sing a song or play an instrument loudly引吭高歌﹔高声演奏〔乐器〕:
She was belting out old Broadway favourites.她在高唱百老汇的经典老歌。
belt up phrasal verb British English
1 spoken used to tell someone rudely to be quiet住口﹐闭嘴
2informal to fasten your seat belt in a vehicle系好安全带

belt ★★★☆☆
1.N-COUNT 可数名词See also:safety belt;seat belt;腰带;裤带;皮带 A belt is a strip of leather or cloth that you fasten round your waist.
He wore a belt with a large brass buckle.


2.N-COUNT 可数名词See also:conveyor belt;fan belt;(机器的)皮带,输送带 A belt in a machine is a circular strip of rubber that is used to drive moving parts or to move objects along.
The turning disc is connected by a drive belt to an electric motor.


3.N-COUNT 可数名词See also:Bible Belt;commuter belt;green belt;地带;带状区域 A belt of land or sea is a long, narrow area of it that has some special feature.

【搭配模式】:with supp
Miners in Zambia’s northern copper belt have gone on strike…


Behind him was a belt of trees, and behind the trees hills and fields.


4.VERB 动词抽打;痛打 If someone belts you, they hit you very hard.

【语法信息】:V n

‘Is it right she belted old George in the gut?’ she asked.


Belt is also a noun.
Father would give you a belt over the head with the scrubbing brush.


5.VERB 动词飞奔;疾驰 If you belt somewhere, you move or travel there very fast.

【语法信息】:V prep/adv

We belted down Iveagh Parade to where the motor was.


6.N-COUNT 可数名词See also:belted.PHRAESE;(表示柔道或空手道级别的)段,带 If someone is or has a belt of a particular colour in judo or karate, they have reached the standard which that colour represents.

【搭配模式】:usu adj N
He is a black belt in karate.


7.PHRASE 短语残酷而不公正的 Something that is below the belt is cruel and unfair.
Do you think it’s a bit below the belt what they’re doing?


…this kind of below-the-belt discrimination.


8.PHRASE 短语勒紧裤腰带;紧缩开支;节衣缩食 If you have to tighten your belt, you have to spend less money and manage without things because you have less money than you used to have.

【搭配模式】:V inflects
Clearly, if you are spending more than your income, you’ll need to tighten your belt.


9.PHRASE 短语已经取得(或完成) If you have something under your belt, you have already achieved it or done it.

【搭配模式】:have/with n PHR
Clare is now a full-time author with six books, including four novels, under her belt.


belt out belt up

1. noun [ C ] (CLOTHING)
2. noun [ C ] (MOVING STRIP)
3. noun [ C, usually singular ] (AREA)
4. noun [ C, usually singular ] (HIT)
5. verb [ I + adv/prep ] (MOVE FAST)
6. verb [ T ] (HIT)
7. verb [ T ] (CLOTHING)
noun [ C ] (CLOTHING)服饰 /belt/
› a strip of leather or material worn around the waist to support clothes or for decoration

She fastened her belt tightly around her waist.
He had eaten so much that he had to undo his belt a couple of notches.

noun [ C ] (MOVING STRIP)传送带 /belt/
› a flat strip of material in a machine that moves round continuously to keep another part turning, or to keep objects on it moving round

a fan belt
a conveyor belt

noun [ C, usually singular ] (AREA)区域 /belt/
› an area, usually just outside a city, where a particular group of people live, such as the commuter belt and stockbroker belt, or an area that is known for a particular characteristic, such as the cotton belt (= area where cotton is grown)


noun [ C, usually singular ] (HIT)击 /belt/ informal
› a hard hit or punch

a belt on the jaw
Related Phrases/Idioms
belt and braces
have sth under your belt
verb [ I + adv/prep ] (MOVE FAST)快速移动 /belt/ uk informal
› (especially of a vehicle) to travel with great speed

The car was belting along/down the road.

verb [ T ] (HIT)击 /belt/ informal
› to hit someone or something hard, especially with violence

He belted him in the face.

verb [ T ] (CLOTHING)服饰 /belt/
› to tie something with a belt

I belted my coat tightly.
Related Phrases/Idioms
belt sth out
belt up

▪ I. belt 1 UK [belt] US noun [countable] [singular belt plural belts] ★★
1. a narrow piece of leather, cloth etc that you wear around your waist, for example to keep your clothes in place or for decoration
a leather/​plastic belt
put on/​fasten a belt
Thesaurus: accessories used to fasten and secure clotheshyponym
1a. in some types of martial art such as judo and karate , a narrow piece of a material worn around the waist to show that you have achieved a particular standard
He has a brown belt in karate.
Thesaurus: martial artshyponym sports events and competitionshyponym

2. an area of land where there is a particular industry, activity etc
the corn belt
Thesaurus: areas of countrieshyponym
2a. an area where a particular type of person lives
the city’s commuter belt
Thesaurus: areas of countrieshyponym
2b. a long thin area that contains a lot of a particular thing
a belt of trees
Thesaurus: long and narrow areas of landhyponym
2c. an area containing a lot of a particular thing that surrounds something else
an asteroid belt
Thesaurus: general words for land and miscellaneous areas of landhyponym
3. a circular band that helps to turn or move something in a machine
Thesaurus: parts of machines and machinerymeronym describing machines and pieces of equipmenthyponym
See also: black belt ▪ tighten
Phrases: below the belt ▪ get something under your belt ▪ give someone a belt ▪ give something a belt ▪ have something under your belt ▪ take a belt to someone
▪ II. belt 2 UK [belt] US verb [present tense I/you/we/they belt he/she/it belts present participle belting past tense belted past participle belted] 1. [transitive] informal to hit someone or something very hard
Thesaurus: to hit a personsynonym to hit an objectsynonym
2. [intransitive] British informal to move somewhere very quickly
belt along/​down etc: They went belting along the road.
Thesaurus: to move somewhere quicklysynonym
3. [transitive] to fasten a piece of clothing with a belt
Thesaurus: to fasten or unfasten clotheshyponym
Phrasal Verbs: belt down ▪ belt out ▪ belt up

n. loop, accessory, accoutrement, accouterment, region, part, blow
v. sing, hit, fasten, fix, secure
n. unbelt
districk 多指由政府等机构出于行政管理等目的而明确划分的地区。
region 普通用词,常指地球上、大气中具有自然分界线的区域,特指按照气候、人体或其他特征鲜明、自成一体的地区。
area 普通用词,指整体中较大的,界线不分明的一部分。
section 普通用词,指城市、国家或天然界线形成的地区。
zone 科技用词,指圆形或弧形地带,尤指地图上按温度划分的五个地带。用作一般意义时,也可指具有某种特征的其它地区。
belt 从本义“带,带状物”引申而指任何广阔的长条地带,也可指种植某种作物的地区。
quarter 指城市里具有相同性质或独特风味的地区,比section范围小,但划分更精确。
neighbourhood 指比section的划定更清楚,范围更小。具体指城市中的住宅区,也可指附近一带。

belt conveyor 皮带运输机,带式运输机
conveyor belt 传送带
orogenic belt 造山带
seat belt 安全带
belt conveyer 带式输送机;皮带运输机
leather belt 皮带
green belt n. 城市绿化带
conveyer belt n. 输送带
safety belt 安全带;保险带
black belt [柔道或空手道]黑带;黑人聚居区
abrasive belt 磨带
mesh belt 网状腰带
belt filter 带式过滤机
steel belt 钢带
rubber belt 胶带,橡皮带;橡胶带
synchronous belt 同步带;同步驱动皮带
conveying belt 输送带,传送带
belt drive 皮带传动
timing belt 正时皮带,同步齿带
belt transmission 皮带传动


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