[ə’kaʊnt]     美 [ə’kaʊnt]
n. 账户;帐目;赊账;老主顾;报告;描述;解释;说明;估计;理由;利益;好处;根据
v. 解释;导致;报账;把 … 视为;归咎(于)

 accounted  accounted  accounting  accounts

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n.&v. accounts 1 accounts 3 accounting 3 accounted 0
计算;帐目;理由 & 对…负有责任;对…做出解释;说明…的原因;导致;(比例)占

On account of the cold in winter, some birds move to the south.
Papua New Guinea alone accounts for well over 800.
According to the World Bank, China accounts for about 30 percent of total global fertilizer (化肥) consumption.
Written accounts from the 18th and 19th centuries described flocks (旅鸽群) so large that they darkened the sky for hours.
考虑 They now need to take into account the extent of firms’ data assets (资产) when assessing the impact of deals.
Feeding according to schedule runs the risk of harming the rapidly growing brain by taking no account of sinking blood sugar levels.

account of 在某人帐上重视,记帐
account for 对…负有责任;对…做出解释;说明……的原因
your account 您的帐号
take into account 考虑;重视;体谅
on account 记帐,赊帐;分期付款
on account of 由于;因为;为了…的缘故
bank account 银行存款;银行往来帐户
be taken into account [俚]被考虑
current account 经常帐;活期存款帐户
account number 帐号
of account 重要的;有价值的
savings account 储蓄帐户
no account 没用的;无交易;未交帐户;无会计科目
account management 账户管理
capital account 资本性帐户;固定资产帐户
open an account 开立帐户
take account of 考虑到;顾及;体谅
deposit account 存款帐户;储蓄存款
new account 新帐户;新开帐户
checking account 活期存款;支票户头;活期存款户头


take account of, take an account of
  • 这两个短语意思不同。take account of的意思是“考虑到,顾及”; take an account of 的意思是“清算; 算账”。
account, chronicle, story, version
  • 这组词都可用来表示对某事物的“描述”“陈述”。其区别是:
  • account表示“记事”“叙事”,多指目击者的客观描述; chronicle 表示“记事”“编年史”,指按事件发生的先后顺序所做的叙述或汇报; story 表示“描述”“说法”,常常与另外的叙述形成对照,侧重叙述是杜撰的,或有杜撰之嫌; version 表示“说法”,总是与另外的叙述形成对照,侧重两者的细节和内在关系的不同。
account, anecdote, fable, legend, myth, story, tale
  • 这组词都可表示叙事性的文字。其区别是:
  • 1.account, fable, legend, myth, story, tale是一般用词; anecdote是正式用词。
  • 2.account指对于某事的详细说明,原原本本,有头有尾,多用于报道事实; story指取悦于人的完整故事,有人物,有情节,有头有尾,可口头也可书面,可真实也可虚构,体裁上则既可为诗体,也可为散文体; anecdote指轶事趣闻,一般较短,有趣味; fable指寓言,主人公多为拟人化的动物或非生物,多为虚构,旨在说明一个道理或教训,而寓言则多在结尾处点明; legend 指民间传说或传奇故事,多含虚幻成分; myth指神话,特指与宗教或原始文明有关的故事,多以超人的力量去解释自然现象或人生; tale指故事或传说,即或有事实根据也多添枝加叶或夸张,含荒唐不可信的意味。
account, bill, invoice
  • account 与 bill, invoice的意思都与账目或单据有关,其区别是:
  • account 是商业用语,强调金钱、物资或服务的收支情况。bill 指“票据”“凭单”,是对所购货物或所得服务的付款通知单,可以见单付款或记入账内。invoice 指“发票”“清单”,指列有物品细则和服务项目及其收费等的清单。
of no account, on no account
  • 这两个短语意思不同。on no account的意思是“绝不可以”; 而of no account作“无足轻重”“无关紧要”解。
account, report
  • 这两个词的共同意思是“报道”。其区别在于:report表示通过调查作出的官方或正式的说明,通常含有对情况的分析判断; account则仅指由目击者、见证人对事情发生的过程所作的陈述或说明。例如:
  • The reports are restricted to descriptions, and give no opinions about the facts.那些报道只限于记录事实,而不加以任何评论。
  • According to newspaper accounts the car was coming too fast round the bend.据报纸报道,那辆车拐弯时速度太快。
  • 这两个名词的有“报道,叙述”之意。
  • account普通用词,不如report正式,侧重对亲身经历或目睹之事所作的书面或口头的报道或叙述。
  • report正式用词,多指报刊上的报道,强调对情况经过调查或审核后作出的详尽叙述,具有一定权威性。
ac·count / E5kaunt /
1. (abbr. a/c) an arrangement that sb has with a bank, etc. to keep money there, take some out, etc.
I don’t have a bank account.
to have an account at / with a bank
to open / close an account
What’s your account number please?
I paid the cheque into my savings account.
a joint account (= one in the name of more than one person)
⇨ see also budget account , checking account , current account , deposit account
2. [usually pl.] a written record of money that is owed to a business and of money that has been paid by it
to do the accounts
the accounts department
⇨ see also expense account , profit and loss account
3. (BrE also ‘credit account) (NAmE also ‘charge account) an arrangement with a shop / store or business to pay bills for goods or services at a later time, for example in regular amounts every month
Put it on my account please.
We have accounts with most of our suppliers.
⇨ note at bill
4. (business 商) a regular customer
The agency has lost several of its most important accounts.
5. an arrangement that sb has with a company that allows them to use the Internet, send and receive messages by email, etc.
an Internet / email account
6. a written or spoken description of sth that has happened
She gave the police a full account of the incident.
⇨ note at report
7. an explanation or a description of an idea, a theory or a process
the Biblical account of the creation of the world
▪ by / from all accounts
according to what other people say
I’ve never been there, but it’s a lovely place, by all accounts.
▪ by your own account
according to what you say yourself
By his own account he had an unhappy childhood.
▪ give a good / poor ac’count of yourself
to do sth or perform well or badly, especially in a contest
The team gave a good account of themselves in the match.
▪ of no / little ac’count (formal) not important
▪ on account
if you buy sth or pay on account, you pay nothing or only a small amount immediately and the rest later
▪ on sb’s account
because of what you think sb wants
Please don’t change your plans on my account.
▪ on account of sb / sth
because of sb / sth
She retired early on account of ill health.
▪ on no account | not on any account
(used to emphasize sth 用于强调)
not for any reason
On no account should the house be left unlocked.
▪ on your own ac’count
1. for yourself
In 1992 Smith set up in business on his own account.
1992 年史密斯自己开始经商。
2. because you want to and you have decided, not sb else
No one sent me, I am here on my own account.
▪ on this / that account (formal) because of the particular thing that has been mentioned
Weather conditions were poor, but he did not delay his departure on that account.
▪ put / turn sth to good ac’count (formal) to use sth in a good or helpful way
▪ take account of sth | take sth into account
to consider particular facts, circumstances, etc. when making a decision about sth
The company takes account of environmental issues wherever possible.
Coursework is taken into account as well as exam results.
The defendant asked for a number of other offences to be taken into account.
⇨ more at blow n., call v., settle v.
[usually passive] (formal) to have the opinion that sb / sth is a particular thing
▪ [VN-ADJ] In English law a person is accounted innocent until they are proved guilty.
▪ [VN-N] The event was accounted a success.
▪ there’s no accounting for ‘taste
(saying) used to say how difficult it is to understand why sb likes sb / sth that you do not like at all
She thinks he’s wonderful—oh well, there’s no accounting for taste.
▪ ac’count for sth
1. to be the explanation or cause of sth
SYN explain :
The poor weather may have accounted for the small crowd.
Oh well, that accounts for it (= I understand now why it happened).
2. to give an explanation of sth
SYN explain :
How do you account for the show’s success?
3. to be a particular amount or part of sth
The Japanese market accounts for 35% of the company’s revenue.
日本市场占该公司收入的 35%。
▪ ac’count for sb / sth
1. to know where sb / sth is or what has happened to them, especially after an accident
All passengers have now been accounted for.
2. (informal) to defeat or destroy sb / sth
Our anti-aircraft guns accounted for five enemy bombers.
▪ ac’count for sth (to sb)
to give a record of how the money in your care has been spent
We have to account for every penny we spend on business trips.

account1 /əˈkaʊnt/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] 1  DESCRIPTION 描述 a written or spoken description that says what happens in an event or process 叙述,描写,报道
account of
He was too shocked to give an account of what had happened.
blow-by-blow account (=a description of all the details of an event in the order that they happened) 一五一十的叙述
a blow-by-blow account of how England lost to Portugal
Chomsky’s account of how children learn their first language
eye-witness/first-hand account (=a description of events by someone who saw them) 目击者的/第一手的描述
Eye-witness accounts told of the unprovoked shooting of civilians.
This gives a first-hand account of the war.
2  AT A BANK 在银行 (written abbreviation a/c or acct.) an arrangement in which a bank keeps your money safe so that you can pay more in or take money out 账户
My salary is paid into my bank account.
I’ve opened an account with Barclay’s Bank.
My husband and I have a joint account (=one that is shared between two people).
→ bank account, checking account, current account, deposit account, profit and loss account, savings account
3  take account of something (also take something into account) to consider or include particular facts or details when making a decision or judgment about something 考虑到某事,把某事考虑进去
These figures do not take account of changes in the rate of inflation.
4  on account of something because of something else, especially a problem or difficulty 因为某事,由于某事
She was told to wear flat shoes, on account of her back problem.
5  accounts
a) [plural] an exact record of the money that a company has received and the money it has spent 账目
The accounts for last year showed a profit of $2 million.
b) [uncountable] a department in a company that is responsible for keeping records of the amount of money spent and received 〔公司的〕财务部
Eileen works in accounts.
6. on account if you buy goods on account, you take them away with you and pay for them later 赊账
7  WITH A SHOP/COMPANY 商店/公司 an arrangement that you have with a shop or company, which allows you to buy goods or use a service now and pay for them later 〔可先使用后付款的〕赊欠账户 SYN credit account
Can you charge this to my account please?
an unlimited-use Internet account
8  BILL 账单 a statement that shows how much money you owe for things you have bought from a shop 账单 SYN bill
pay/settle your account (=pay what you owe) 付账/结账
James left the restaurant, settling his account by credit card.
9  ARRANGEMENT TO SELL GOODS 售货安排 an arrangement to sell goods and services to another company over a period of time 〔一段时间内的〕交易安排
10  by/from all accounts according to what a lot of people say 根据各方面所说
11  on somebody’s account if you do something on someone’s account, you do it because you think they want you to 为了某人的缘故
12  on your own account by yourself or for yourself 靠自己;为自己
13  on no account/not on any account used when saying that someone must not, for any reason, do something 决不,绝对不
14  by somebody’s own account according to what you have said, especially when you have admitted doing something wrong 据某人自己所说
15  on that account/on this account concerning a particular situation 由于那个/这个缘故
16  give a good/poor account of yourself to do something or perform very well or very badly 表现好/表现差
17  bring/call somebody to account formal to force someone who is responsible for a mistake or a crime to explain publicly why they did it and punish them for it if necessary 追究某人的责任
18  put/turn something to good account formal to use something for a good purpose 善用某物,充分利用某物
19  of no/little account formal not important 不重要,没关系
account2 ●●○ S3 W3 verb
1 account for something phrasal verb
a) to form a particular amount or part of something 占〔一定数量或比例〕
Afro-Americans account for 12% of the US population.
b) to be the reason why something happens 是…的原因 SYN explain
Recent pressure at work may account for his behavior.
c) to give a satisfactory explanation of why something has happened or why you did something 解释,说明 SYN explain
Can you account for your movements on that night?
d) to say where all the members of a group of people or things are, especially because you are worried that some of them may be lost 说明…在何处
Three days after the earthquake, more than 150 people had still to be accounted for.
Origin account2 (1300-1400) Old French acompter, from compter “to count”

account ★★★★★
1.N-COUNT 可数名词(银行等的)账户 If you have an account with a bank or a similar organization, you have an arrangement to leave your money there and take some out when you need it.
Some banks make it difficult to open an account…


I had two accounts with Natwest, a savings account and a current account.


2.N-COUNT 可数名词固定客户,老主顾(尤指公司) In business, a regular customer of a company can be referred to as an account, especially when the customer is another company.

Biggart Donald, the Glasgow-based marketing agency, has won two Edinburgh accounts.


3.N-COUNT 可数名词账;账目 Accounts are detailed records of all the money that a person or business receives and spends.

【搭配模式】:usu pl

He kept detailed accounts.


…an account book.


4.N-COUNT 可数名词(书面或口头的)记述,描述,陈述,报告 An account is a written or spoken report of something that has happened.

【搭配模式】:with supp
He gave a detailed account of what happened on the fateful night…


According to police accounts, Mr and Mrs Hunt were found dead on the floor of their kitchen.


5.N-COUNT 可数名词解释;说明 An account of something is a theory which is intended to explain or describe it.

【搭配模式】:usu N of n

This basic utilitarian model gives a relatively unsophisticated account of human behaviour…


Science, on Weber’s account, is an essentially value-free activity.


6.VERB 动词把…视作;认为 If you say that something is accounted a particular thing, you are reporting someone’s judgment or opinion that it is that thing.

【语法信息】:be V-ed n

【语法信息】:be V-ed adj

【搭配模式】:usu passive

The opening day of the battle was, nevertheless, accounted a success.


…homosexuals, whose sexual behaviour is still accounted sinful by the church.


7.See also:accounting;bank account;current account;deposit account;joint;
Usage Note :
Do not confuse account and bill. When you have an account with a bank, you leave your money in the bank and take it out when you need it. When you have to pay for things such as electricity or a meal in a restaurant, you get a bill.

不要混淆 account 和 bill。account 指可存钱、取钱的银行账户。bill 指账单,如电费或餐费账单。

8.PHRASE 短语根据各种说法 If you say that something is true by all accounts or from all accounts, you believe it is true because other people say so.

【搭配模式】:PHR with cl
He is, by all accounts, a superb teacher.


9.PHRASE 短语(尽管未必大获全胜但)出色地表现(自己) If you say that someone gave a good account of themselves in a particular situation, you mean that they performed well, although they may not have been completely successful.

【搭配模式】:V inflects
The team fought hard and gave a good account of themselves.


10.PHRASE 短语毫不重要;无足轻重 If you say that something is of no account or of little account, you mean that it is very unimportant and is not worth considering.

【搭配模式】:v-link PHR

These obscure groups were of little account in national politics.


11.PHRASE 短语以赊账方式;以分期付款方式 If you buy or pay for something on account, you pay nothing or only part of the cost at first, and pay the rest later.

【搭配模式】:PHR after v
He bought two bottles of vodka on account.


12.PREP-PHRASE 短语介词因为;由于 You use on account of to introduce the reason or explanation for something.
The President declined to deliver the speech himself, on account of a sore throat…


A newly-married couple, he thought, on account of their walking so close together.


13.PHRASE 短语从(某人的)角度;(尤指)设想处于(某人的)情况 Your feelings on someone’s account are the feelings you have about what they have experienced or might experience, especially when you imagine yourself to be in their situation.

【搭配模式】:usu adj/n PHR
Mollie told me what she’d done and I was really scared on her account.


14.PHRASE 短语因为(某人的)缘故 If you tell someone not to do something on your account, you mean that they should do it only if they want to, and not because they think it will please you.

【搭配模式】:PHR after v

Don’t leave on my account.


15.PHRASE 短语绝不;切勿 If you say that something should on no account be done, you are emphasizing that it should not be done under any circumstances.

On no account should the mixture boil.


16.PHRASE 短语为了那个/这个缘故 You can use on that account or on this account when you want to say that something happens for the reason you have just mentioned.

【搭配模式】:usu PHR after v
Wine is radioactive but few people stop drinking it on that account.


17.PHRASE 短语根据(某人)自己的说法 If you say that something concerning a particular person is true by his or her own account, you mean that you believe it because that person has said it is true.
He was by his own account an ambitious workaholic.


18.PHRASE 短语作为个人地;为自身利益地 If you take part in a business activity on your own account, you do it for yourself, and not as a representative or employee of a company.

【搭配模式】:PHR after v
She had plans to set up in business on her own account.


19.PHRASE 短语自主自愿地;责任自负地 If you do something on your own account, you do it because you want to and without being asked, and you take responsibility for your own action.

【搭配模式】:PHR after v
I told him if he withdrew it was on his own account.


20.PHR-RECIP 相互短语(与敌人或对手)决战,算账,了结恩怨 To settle accounts with an enemy or opponent means to bring your fight or quarrel to an end by defeating them.

【搭配模式】:V inflects

…until the great day came when the Germans could finally settle accounts with the British…


Their sleep is regularly disturbed by the sound of gunfire as criminal gangs settle their nightly accounts.


21.PHRASE 短语考虑到;把…计算在内 If you take something into account, or take account of something, you consider it when you are thinking about a situation or deciding what to do.

【搭配模式】:V inflects
The defendant asked for 21 similar offences to be taken into account…


Urban planners in practice have to take account of many interest groups in society.


22.PHRASE 短语(对所做的错事)被要求解释并遭斥责,被问责 If someone is called, held, or brought to account for something they have done wrong, they are made to explain why they did it, and are often criticized or punished for it.

【搭配模式】:V inflects
Ministers should be called to account for their actions.


account for

1 account /əˈkaʊnt/ noun
plural accounts
a [count] : a record of money that has been paid and money that has been received : bill账;账单
the difference between the debit and credit sides of an account
— see also expense account
b accounts [plural] : records of income and expenses账目
We always keep very good accounts.
an accounts department
The company’s accounts show a profit this year: our accounts receivable exceed our accounts payable. [=the money owed to us exceeds the money we owe] 公司账目显示我们今年有盈利,应收账款超出了应付账款。
[count] : an arrangement in which a bank keeps a record of the money that a person puts in and takes out of the bank账户;户头
We opened new accounts at a bank last week.
I took out my money and closed my account.
You can withdraw up to $1,000 a day from your account.
Every week, she puts/deposits a part of her paycheck into a separate account.
setting up a bank account
My wife and I keep our money in a joint account. [=an account that both of us can use] 妻子和我把钱存入一个共同账户。
— often used before another noun常用于另一名词前
Please enter your name and account number.
You can check your account balance [=the amount of money in your account] on the Internet.
— see also checking account, savings account
[count] : a company’s record of the products or services used by a customer and of the money that the customer owes or has paid to the company(公司的)账目记录;(客户的)赊账
I don’t have the money right now. Put it on my account. = Charge it to my account.
If you return the clothes, the store will credit your account. [=you will not have to pay for the clothes] 如果你把衣服退了,商店会把钱退到你的账户上。
When do you intend to settle your account? [=pay what you owe] 你打算什么时候结清账款?
— see also charge account, credit account
◊ In figurative use, to settle an account or to settle accounts with someone is to do something that brings a final end to an argument, disagreement, etc.(比喻用法)跟某人算账,做了断
She’s decided to settle accounts with her old political rivals.
[count] : a business arrangement in which a person or company regularly buys products or services from a particular company客户
She makes sure that all of the company’s accounts [=customers, clients] make the necessary payments.
We just lost the Smith account.
That company was one of our biggest/best accounts.
She will be our account manager. [=the person who manages our account] 她将成为我们的客户经理。
[count] : an arrangement in which a person uses the Internet or e-mail services of a particular company网络账户;电子邮件账户
I use two separate e-mail accounts.
[count] : a description of an event or situation : a story or report about something描述;叙述;报道
personal/firsthand/eyewitness accounts from the war
According to one account, the party was a complete disaster.
— often + of
She gave the police a full/complete/detailed account of what happened.
We read an account of her trip to Paris.
a written account of his long and successful career
[count] : a list or description of facts描述;介绍
Our goal is to give an accurate account of the process.
an account of how the system works
The document is an account of the country’s reasons for going to war.
[count] : a reason or explanation for an action理由;解释;根据
You will be asked to give an account of your actions. [=to explain the reasons for your actions] 你得对你的行为做出解释。
He could give no account of what he did with the money.
— often used in the formal phrase on that account常用于正式短语on that account
I hope we won’t lose our friendship on that account. [=for that reason] 我希望我们的友谊不会因此而受到影响。
[noncount] formal : value or importance价值;重要性 — used in the phrases of no account and of little account用于短语of no account和of little account
He felt that his opinions were of no account to the others. [=he thought that the other people didn’t care about his opinions] 他觉得其他人并不在乎他的意见。
It’s of little account what I may think about it.
— see also no-account
bring/call (someone) to account
: to require (someone) to explain and accept punishment or criticism for bad or wrong behavior质询;质问;责问
He was called to account by his boss for failing to spot the mistake in the company’s records.
by/from all accounts
: according to all of the different descriptions of something根据各种说法
By all accounts, the band put on a great show. [=everyone says that the band put on a great show] 据各方面反映,乐队演出非常成功。
She was, by all accounts, good at her job.
They seemed, from all accounts, to have a happy marriage.
by your own account
: according to what you have said about your own life or experiences根据某人自己的说法
By her own account, that was the worst performance of her career. [=she said that was her worst performance] 据她自己说,那是她职业生涯中表现最差的一次。
They had, by their own account, a wonderful time.
give a good account of yourself
: to perform well especially in a competition(尤指在比赛中)表现出色
If I ever had to fight, I think I could give a good account of myself.
on account of
: because of : for the reason of因为;由于;出于的缘故
The game was canceled on account of the rain.
They were treated badly on account of their beliefs.
On account of his bad behavior, he will not be allowed to play with the new toy.
on no account chiefly British or not on any account
: for no reason : under no circumstances — used to say that something will not or should not happen(用于说明某事不会或不该发生)决不,绝不可以
On no account should the children be left at home alone.
They said that on no account would they leave before the end of the game.
on someone’s account
: because of someone : in order to please someone为了某人的缘故
Don’t leave on our account. [=because of us] 不要因为我们而离开。
You didn’t have to clean your room on my account. I don’t care if your room is dirty.
on your own account
: by yourself : on your own : without the help of others独自;独立地
She bought the house entirely on her own account.
He left the company and went into business on his own account.
: for your own sake : in order to make a situation good for yourself为了自身利益
I’m doing it on my own account, not for anyone else.
take (something) into account or take account of (something)
: to think about (something) before doing something (such as making a decision) : consider考虑到;顾及
Try to take our feelings into account. [=try to think about how we will feel] 尽量也考虑下我们的感受。
Other issues must be taken into account before a choice can be made.
She did very well on the test when you take into account how little she studied.
She takes no account of my feelings. [=she doesn’t consider how I feel] 她没有顾及我的感受。
The new health plan fails to take account of the fact that many people cannot pay for their medicine.
turn (something) to (good) account formal
: to gain or profit from (something) : to take advantage of (something)从…获利;利用
Is there a way to turn this situation to good account?
2 account /əˈkaʊnt/ verb
accounts; accounted; accounting [+ object] formal
: to think of (someone or something) in a specified way看作;认为;视为 — usually used as (be) accounted通常用作(be) accounted
Their first project was accounted [=considered] a success.
account for [phrasal verb] 1
account for (something)
a : to give a reason or explanation for (something)解释;说明
Eventually, you will need to account for your actions/behavior.
How do you account for [=explain] your success?
◊ The informal saying there’s no accounting for taste means that there is no way to understand why some people like something while other people do not.人各有所好;萝卜青菜各有所爱。
I don’t see why they liked the movie, but there’s no accounting for taste.
b : to be the cause of (something)引起;导致
The disease accounted for over 10,000 deaths last year.
These new features account for the computer’s higher price.
The disease cannot be accounted for [=explained] by genetics alone. There must be other causes as well.
c : to make up or form (a part of something)组成
Women account for [=constitute, compose] only 25 percent of our employees.
d US : to think about (something) before doing something : to take (something) into consideration将…纳入考虑范围
The researchers failed to account for the fact that most of the students were poor.
account for (someone or something)
a : to show what happened to (someone or something)对…做出说明;对做出解释
We have to account for the time [=to say how much time] we spend on each activity.
I’ll have to account for the money I spent.
: to know the location of (someone or something)知道下落;明白去处
The government couldn’t account for millions of dollars of the taxpayers’ money.
Is everyone accounted for? [=do we know where everyone is?] 所有人的下落都知道了吗?
All present and accounted for. [=everyone who is supposed to be here is here] 该到的人都到齐了。
b : to destroy or kill (someone or something)摧毁;消灭
Enemy fighters have accounted for most of our bombers, Sir.
also chiefly British : to defeat or beat (someone or something)击败;战胜
We accounted for [=dispatched] the challengers 3-2.

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